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For 35 Years, Industry Leaders Have Depended On Us For Solutions.

Cypress Computer Systems, Inc.

A recognized leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security solutions and technologies.

Team Approach

The dedicated employees at Cypress work together to develop and produce world class, innovative products and solutions. Our staff focuses on quality and continuous improvement. All staff members participate in regularly scheduled meetings to discuss company goals, review existing projects and identify new projects that will improve our business processes.


Cypress Computer Systems was founded in 1983 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing access control and security (AC/S) related products. The name Cypress was taken from Cypress Creek Road in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where the founders were working at the time of incorporation and where most of our original customers and suppliers were located. The company founders had extensive technical experience in the industrial data communications industry and saw opportunities to apply that knowledge in the security marketplace. The first product to make use of this expertise was a wide-area proprietary alarm monitoring system known as Cypress AMS.

By 1992, our product line consisted of Alarm Monitoring, Access Control, and Fuel Management systems. We also developed a variety of ancillary products which were sold as add-ons to other security manufacturers equipment. At this point in time, most of our major customers were located in the Midwest, particularly the Great Lakes region. To better serve the needs of our core group of customers including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford and EDS, Cypress relocated to Michigan.

Since the installation of the first AMS system at General Motors in 1985, our product line has evolved to encompass many aspects of security and access control. Cypress' time displays are used to synchronize time clocks with time and attendance systems and the Wedge product line is used to provide card access security to personal computers and mainframe terminals. AC/S Integrators and Dealers use our data format converters and supervised reader extenders regularly to solve installation challenges and streamline complex installations. Additionally, many AC/S manufacturers employ these same products to enhance their own access control solutions.  Today Cypress is focused on providing the most reliable solutions and creating value through it's creative and labor saving solutions.

Today Cypress is the leading provider of OSDP integration solutions as well as a leading manufacturer of wireless handheld credential readers along with it's legacy wiegand converters and extenders.